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June Solstice Pilgrimage - June 15-24th, 2024

Awaken to Your Fullest Light and Infuse your Vision with the Energetic Upgrades of these ancient lands with a Shamanic Voyage to Bolivia

Do you Feel it? 


A deep pull yearning to be answered, a longing to rise and embrace your soul's true mission. The energy of the New Earth is surging, and your light is needed.

Imagine: standing at the edge of the highest navigable lake on Earth, the Sun glinting off sacred waters, as you infuse your heart with healing and activate an energetic upgrade. 

This is no ordinary retreat. This is a transformative pilgrimage to Isla del Sol, nestled within the heart of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.

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Is this calling to you?

✨Do you yearn to shed past hurts and heal your heart on a deep cellular level?

✨Do you crave the support of the Sun as you step into your power?

✨Do you dream of contributing to the light warrior's mission and leaving your mark on the New Earth?


This adventure is for you, if:

✨You're ready to transcend the ordinary and embrace your extraordinary potential.

✨You sense a deep longing to unleash your gifts and fuel your mission with powerful energy.

✨You seek the embrace of the land and the wisdom held within her ancient heart.


On this journey, you will:

✨Unearth heart-healing practices guided by the sacred energy of Lake Titicaca.

✨Ignite your cellular light within the Sun's embrace: Participate in potent rituals and ceremonies bathed in the Sun's healing rays, activating your deepest potential.

✨ Align with the Sun's wisdom for your soul's purpose: Connect with the divine radiance of the Sun, receiving His blessings and aligning your path with your soul's true mission.

✨Join a community of light warriors on a shared path of transformation to fuel their soul assignment with collective support and powerful activations.

✨Return home renewed, empowered, and eager to unleash your unique medicine into the world. 


Come Infuse your Big Vision with the Blessings of the Sun. Come Touch the Sun at the Highest Navigable Lake on Earth. 

Step into the heart of Pachamama's vortex – a powerful energetic portal where the June Solstice illuminates the path to profound deeper empowerment. This Soular Activation journey is woven with the ancient wisdom of the Incan Deities, guiding you through the breathtaking Andean highlands and the healing waters of Isla del Sol, in Bolivia.


Your transformative odyssey offers the opportunity for you to:

  • Amplify Your Vision: Embark on a journey into the spirit realm, guided by seasoned healers, to stoke your inner fire, amplify your vision and fuel your soul’s purpose.

  • Honor ancestral wisdom: Celebrate the legacy of your ancestors through powerful healing rituals. Receive their blessings and step into a brighter future.

  • Receive the Medicine: Receive the support of the Higher Beings of this land in your Birthing Process of your Big Missions and Divine Callings & Assignments.

  • Seek profound revelations: Embark on solitary vision quests under the vast Andean sky, receiving messages from the unseen realms and igniting your inner light.

  • Surrender to the rhythm of transformation: Dance the ancient steps alongside your ancestors, as the pulse of the drum resonates with your soul, cleansing and revitalizing your being.

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Bathe in the Sacred Energies of the Island of the Sun

Isla del Sol, the Sacral Chakra of Mother Earth, pulsates with healing energies flowing from the cosmos. Here, you'll connect with benevolent spirits like Taita Inti, Pachamama, Mama Cocha, and Mama Killa, receiving their blessings of remembrance and to ignite the energetic foundations for the future callings your soul is ready to steward, create, or lead in New Earth.

Meet Your Guide: Chaski K’uychi The Rainbow Messenger

Born and raised in Virginia, Chaski received the ancestral call to the ancient lands of Tawantinsuyu (Bolivia). Following a transformative awakening, they immersed themself in shamanic practices, becoming a gifted guide and companion. With deep wisdom and compassion, they will lead you on a journey of profound healing and self-discovery.

Chaski's journey of healing and transformation has been guided by the wisdom of their mentors — Jai Medina, a Two-Spirit Shamanic Healer of The Balanzu Way, and their Abuela Carmiña of the Tribu Jeyajé Arcoiris Cochabamba. Under their tutelage, they have honed their gifts and deepened their connection to the ancestral wisdom that flows through their veins.

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Are You Ready to Answer the Call?

This exclusive pilgrimage beckons those who dare to dream beyond the ordinary. It's an invitation to step into the sacred dance of destiny and rediscover the truth that lies within. Spaces are limited, so secure your place alongside the stars and claim your transformation on the shores of Lake Titicaca.


The inviting Inka Pacha, AirBnB, with gracious hosts, available to support your journey. Shared and luxury cabins available - first come first serve. 

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Journey to the Isla del Sol, Bolivia 6D/5N Transformational Pilgrimage. This is not your typical vacation. Be prepared for physical and mental challenges, as the journey will push you to your limits and bring about deep personal transformation.



Solstice Cacao Sunrise Ceremony: Celebrate the solstice with a powerful ritual invoking abundance and new beginnings.


Pilgrimage to Chinkana Ruins: Hike to ancient ruins and connect with the island's mystical energy.

Full Moon Bonfire Ceremony: Release what no longer serves you and embrace personal growth under the moon's light.

Shamanic Healing: Receive one-on-one guidance from a skilled healer to unlock your potential.

Integrative Support: Benefit from pre- and post-pilgrimage support calls to solidify your transformation.


Please note: This pilgrimage takes place at high altitude (over 4000m) and requires physical exertion. It is not suitable for those with physical disabilities or expecting an easy, luxurious experience. Commitment to personal work and openness to intense experiences are essential.


Comunidad de Yumani, Isla del Sol, Bolivia

Are you ready to answer the call?


Day 0

Arrive in La Paz

(3 nights before pilgrimage start)


Day 2

 Opening Ceremony,

Island exploration, Stargazing


Day 4

Meditative day, Bodywork sessions, Full Moon Ceremony


Day 1

Gather in La Paz, travel to Isla del Sol, Welcome Dinner


Day 3

Solstice Cacao Sunrise Ceremony,

Chinkana Pilgrimage


Day 5

Integration preparation,

Closing Dinner, Stargazing


Day 6

Depart Isla del Sol,

return to La Paz

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Investment Covers:

  • 6 days/5 nights of Room & Board in newly renovated cabins with comfortable amenities to support you through your healing process while on the island (rooms host up to 2-3 people, board includes 10 meals) 

  • Transportation costs from La Paz to the Isla as well as return from Isla to La Paz 

  • Compensation for a tour guide to guide participants from La Paz to the Isla

  • Compensation for 2 support healers throughout the pilgrimage

  • Room & board for bodyworker

  • Supplies for ceremonies and activities

  • Compensation for pilgrimage organizer

  • 1 Shamanic Healing & Counseling session with Chaski per month leading up the pilgrimage

  • 1-3 group virtual meetups in the months leading up to the pilgrimage

  • Post-pilgrimage Integration Support 

  • 1-2 post-pilgrimage integration support calls either with Chaski or one of the support healers in the month after the pilgrimage ends

Please note Investment does NOT cover:

  • International Flight Costs

  • $160USD tourist visa to enter Bolivia

  • Accommodations, meals, or other needs for first 3 nights in La Paz while you acclimate to the altitude before the pilgrimage

  • 4 meals not included during the pilgrimage itinerary

  • Meals, snacks, or souvenirs on travel dates to and from the isla

  • Compensation for bodyworker

  • Travel Insurance

  • Transfers to and from airport

  • Tipping

  • Personal expenses 

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Price Increases to $5,555 after May 24th

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Ready to join?

  • Contact us for more information and application details. Remember, this is a limited-space opportunity for those truly seeking deep transformation.

  • Don't miss your chance to awaken your spirit on the mystical Isla del Sol!

  • Additional Information:

  • Detailed packing list and accessibility considerations provided upon registration.

  • Food at the group AirBNB caters to various dietary needs.

  • Spanish fluency is not required.

We look forward to guiding you on this transformative journey!

Will you answer the call to ignite your soul on this journey of a lifetime?


 From the moment I landed in Bolivia, I immediately knew that this was going to be a journey of shifts. What was in store was nothing I could have planned for. Upon arriving to Isla del Sol, everything felt like home. We were able to come together as a group and really created a small family.


There was a particular moment in ceremony that will forever stick with me; I was told “you must release”. And so I did. I wept. Those big loud cries that make your eyes hurt and ur throat grasp for air. And I did so, because I felt completely safe. Some may say this was a vacation…but I promise that it is so much more than that. Collective care is really a traditional medicine and I’m honored that I was able to be on the first cohort of the Khantati Healing Retreat.


As an adoptee who knows limited Spanish, I always have a small amount of anxiety going into spaces where Spanish or a native language is mainly spoken. The Khantati Healing Retreat felt like a safe space to be in because both English and Spanish were offered. And when communicating with locals, i did my best to keep up (which I think I did pretty well!), but if I needed help, I was able to ask Chaski or others from the group to help me and there was no shame! This retreat was about healing all aspects and my shame for not knowing fluent Spanish is part of that. ♥️

Elena (she/her)


Brooklyn, New, York

Ancestors: Puno, Peru

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