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Hi, I'm Chaski K'uychi [Chaz-key Kwee-chee] !

I’m a Two-Spirit Medicine Being of the Andean Diaspora and my pronouns are she/they. I am a Spiritual Guide & Companion for souls on a journey to fulfill their Purpose; souls seeking authentic, deep, and spiritual [re]connection to & with their homeland & indigenous roots; and any grieving souls or souls at the end of their life desiring deep, soulful, spiritual connection & self-reflection.



This offering requests a minimum commitment of either 3, 6, or 9 months where I hold sacred space for you every two weeks for one-hour healing sessions

I offer sacred 1-on-1 healing containers where I tune into what your heart and soul needs in your current season of life and may be guided by your Spirit Guides to offer any of the following: channeled guidance and messages, energy cleansing & healing, shamanic techniques to facilitate a healing catharsis, an astrology or tarot reading, healing activations, and guided somatic and spiritual practices you can integrate into your daily rituals.

3-MONTH COMPANIONSHIP                                                                  $300/month

6-MONTH COMPANIONSHIP                                                                  $250/month

9-MONTH COMPANIONSHIP                                                                  $222/month


¡Se ofrece éste servicio en español también!

60 min sessions are ideal for folks who prefer to just receive a single reading 
90 min sessions are ideal for folks who would like more time to process and discuss the reading together or if you’d like to have a combination of 2 different readings

  • Soul Purpose Birth Chart Reading

  • Relationship Synastry Reading

  • Astrocartography Reading (90 min only)

  • Saturn Return Transit Reading

60 MIN SESSION                                                                                                  $150
90 MIN SESSION                                                                                                  $175


Book your FREE 15 min Resonance Call

Let's connect and personally introduce ourselves. You'll share a little bit about yourself and with what you need support and I'll share what medicine I have to offer and what you can expect in our healing sessions. If we resonate with each other, then we'll proceed to book our first paid healing session together.

Email me at or text me at +1 (458) 217-7036 with your name, pronouns, and desired service. I will reply to you with my availability and look forward to working with you!

Khantati Healing Retreats for People of the Andean Diaspora.png

The very first cohort for Khantati Healing Retreats gathered on Isla del Sol from April 2nd - April 08th, 2023. Participants spanned both east and west coasts of the US and one participant came all the way from Canada. 

Chaski will be hosting two more retreats in 2024 so if you would like to find out more information about those retreats please email them. 

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