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Spiritual Reconnection Journey                  $222/month

This offering is for People of the Global Majority who are seeking reconnection with their own ancestral spiritual practices and traditions. This offering includes two 1-on-1 shamanic healing sessions each month in addition to two small group containers where we Drop In To the Sacred. Please read the description below in the Shamanic Healing Sessions to get a sense of what our 1-on-1 sessions include. Our small group sessions will offer a consistent container to learn, practice, and strengthen your prayer and meditation practices in addition to building community with other like-hearted souls on similar spiritual journeys. This offering requests a 6-month commitment from participants. 

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This offering is for folks who are committed to diving head first into their healing journey. This offering includes three 1-hour healing sessions. In these sessions I tune into what your heart and soul is needing in this season of your life and may be guided by your Spirit Guides to offer any of the following: channeled guidance and messages, chakra rebalancing and energy healing, shamanic healing techniques to facilitate an emotional catharsis, an astrology or tarot reading, healing activations, and guided somatic and spiritual healing practices to take with you.

Shamanic Healing Sessions                                        $350


90min Astrocartography Reading                             $150

Astrocartography is where we pull up a map with your birth chart superimposed on it and we take a look at what parts of the world you may feel called to explore and how the energetics of those geographical locations may influence your time or experiences there. The first half of the session we dive into your birth chart and explore any or all of the following angles: love, sex, relationships, money, career, soul purpose, healing inner child wounds, etc. Then we pull up the astrocartography map and look into where in the world your planetary lines fall and what this means for you and your personal experiences there. 

15 min Resonance Call                                                                 FREE

Let's connect and personally introduce ourselves. You'll share a little bit about yourself and with what you need support and I'll share what medicine I have to offer and what you can expect in our healing sessions. If we resonate with each other, then we'll proceed to book our first paid healing session together.

  • I desire and need spiritual guidance and support in my healing journey

  • I’ve tried talk therapy before but felt like something was missing and I’m curious about experiencing Shamanic healing

  • I seek clarity, balance, and harmony in mind, body, and spirit

  • I would like to get in touch with my inner child and begin healing my childhood wounds from the root

  • I am interested in deepening my connection to spirituality, my Higher Beings, and my ancestral lineages

  • I am actively grieving the loss of a loved one, a relationship, a community, a career/job, a pet, my sense of self/an old identity or something else

  • I have lost any/all of the above a long time ago and never had the space or support in grieving those losses and now I desire a compassionate guide as I navigate suppressed grief and sorrow

  • I have difficulty speaking or releasing my emotions through tears and need support accessing, feeling, and releasing grief, sorrow, and pain stuck in my bodies

Work with me if you resonate with any of the following:

How to Book a Session 

Email me at or text me at +1 (458) 217-7036 with your name, pronouns, and desired service. I will reply to you with my availability and look forward to holding space for you and your healing!

Khantati Healing Retreats for People of the Andean Diaspora.png

The very first cohort for Khantati Healing Retreats gathered on Isla del Sol from April 2nd - April 08th, 2023. Participants spanned both east and west coasts of the US and one participant came all the way from Canada. 

Chaski will be hosting two more retreats in 2024 so if you would like to find out more information about those retreats please email them. 

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Currently Based on Ancestral Lands on Tawantinsuyu - Bolivia

+1 (458) 217-7036

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