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Sliding scale available for low-income folks
Image by Emily Bauman

This service is for folks who would like general spiritual guidance and support in their healing journeys. Perhaps you've tried talk therapy before and felt like something was missing and you're curious about experiencing Intuitive Energy Healing. This session is for folks who seek clarity, balance, and harmony in mind, body, and spirit. This session is for folks who would like to get in touch with their inner child and begin healing their childhood wounds from the root. This session is for folks who are interested in deepening their connection to spirituality, their Higher Beings, and their ancestral lineages.

Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions                         $125/ hr

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This service is for folks who are actively grieving the loss of a loved one, a relationship, a community, a career/job, a pet, or your sense of self/an old identity and much more. This service is also for folks who have lost any of the above a long time ago and perhaps never gave themselves the space or had support in grieving those losses and now desire a compassionate guide as they navigate suppressed grief and sorrow. If your spirit is heavy with grief and sorrow and/or if you have difficulty speaking or releasing your emotions through tears and need support accessing, feeling, and releasing grief, sorrow, and pain stuck in your bodies then this session is for you.

Death, Loss, & Grief Support                                $125/ hr

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Energy Healing & Guidance for Educators         $125/ hr

This service is for educators who would like to heal from institutional harm they've experienced from their employers or previous harmful experiences within educational institutions - particularly QTBIPOC educators wishing to heal from racial and patriarchal institutional harm. This service is also for white educators who would like to practice "doing the work" of digging into their shadows (i.e. implicit biases, white guilt and shame, etc) with compassionate guidance and support to hold you accountable through your emotional and spiritual transformation to be the most racially literate, emotionally intelligent, spiritually grounded, and heart-centered accomplice to more equitably serve the communities you work with. This service is for ALL educators who desire spiritually grounded, heart-centered guidance in creating culturally sustainable, equitable, and abolitionist classroom or school cultures, pedagogies, or curriculum.                    **Rates for Administrators are $150/hr

*All clients have the opportunity to receive Energy Work regardless of the session they choose to book. This is where I tap into your energy centers, feel into any blockages and facilitate an energetic release and bring more balance and harmony to your energy field - mind, body, and spirit
*Tarot or astrology readings can be performed upon request in our session. I may also be intuitively guided by my Spirit Guides to channel any messages, medicine, guidance, or support through a tarot or astrology reading whether you request it or not

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