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K’uychi [Kwee-chee]: How I was Renamed After The Incan Rainbow Goddess

Some terms that may be helpful to know before diving into this poem:

Pachamama - Mother Earth

Inti - The Incan Sun God

quewa - Two-Spirit

Chaski - messenger

The rains roll in

We despair we may drown

So we anchor onto Pachamama

The deluge simmers into a mist

And Inti shines his rays onto us as refuge

His light sheds wisdom through the prism of our tears

Inti reflects the divinity and infinity held within each raindrop we shed


Radiant energy that mirrors

Our divine connection to Spirit

You see her and immediately grin - for this

Goddess has emerged to

Bless and remind you that you were made in God’s

Image - and when you bask in her energy you are gifted with a renewed sense of



Rooted into an ancestral lineage of resilience

Observing the emotions and wisdom that rise with the tides of my moon cycle

Your center of power - a gift you forgot you possessed - a

Gentle heart

Born to roar

Illuminating sacred visions

Vividly sourced from Spirit directly into your Crown


Remembering the spilt blood of my ancestors

Owning the fire within me that was extinguished within them

Yearning to lay sunflowers on their forgotten tombs

Great grandmothers whose spirits dwell within Eucalyptus trees

Baptizing myself in my ancestral waters at

Isla del Sol - dreaming of our heavenly reunion sipping on chalices of

Vinito made by my grandmother’s hands


Rummaging through ancestral memory wondering was I really the

Only one or the first one to be out? No way.

You’re what?!


But you’re pretty, and wear makeup, and [used to] date boys!

I just don’t understand

Vast oceans of shame and disgust barely contained behind a dam of screeching silent



Rage burning through my veins for all

Of the ancestors who couldn’t live in their authentic truth

Yelling and wailing til we’re seen, heard, held, loved

Grieving for all who needed to be nurtured

Black, Brown

Indigenous Trancestors - who paved the way - whose

Valiant spirits SURGE through us - we remember you, we honor you, we love you


Trial by fire

The ancestors came calling

They asked for a sacrifice - a death

The death of who I thought I was

They shaved my head bald and cradled me as I wept

And revealed the true essence of who I’ve always been

Infinite and glorious like K’uychi

A delicate balance of the divine feminine and masculine

A quewa, Two-Spirit messenger sent to heal

So they held me as I gave birth to my true self and baptized me as

Chaski K’uychi

Messenger of the Rainbow Goddess


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