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Khantati Healing Retreats are exclusively for folks of the Andean diaspora who have been displaced, detribalized, disconnected, and separated from their motherlands, Tawantinsuyu. You might identify as a person of the Andean diaspora if you or your ancestors are of Quechua, Kichwa, Aymara, or Incan descent and/or if your family is originally from the Andean lands currently known as Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and Argentina (Tawantinsuyu) yet your family migrated to the United States and you grew up physically, mentally, or spiritually disconnected from your motherlands, mother tongues, cultures, spiritualities, and roots. As a result, those of us of the Andean diaspora may have a deep separation and/or cultural belonging wound that may go back for generations due to the effects of colonization. 


These retreats are a space to soothe and heal those wounds, to rest, to play, to grieve, to give gratitude, to comfort, nurture, and nourish your inner child, teen, and adult self - all in community with like-hearted souls. These retreats not only offer an opportunity to connect with Andean land and culture but also provide an opportunity to expand and deepen your knowledge and personal connection to Andean spirituality. All activities offered on this retreat emphasize bringing balance, alignment, and healing to your body, mind, and spirit. The medicine offered on this retreat particularly targets our root and sacral chakras and will also touch on our solar plexus and heart chakras. 


Isla del Sol is situated right on Lago Titicaca which is the Sacral Chakra of Mother Earth. This land and this water is an energetic portal where you can connect with and receive healing energies directly from Mother Earth and the Cosmos. Our ancient ancestors, the healing and benevolent spirits of this sacred land, and our ancestral deities Taita Inti, Pachamama, Mama Cocha, and Mama Killa long to be reclaimed, remembered, honored and venerated. They see us - their displaced and detribalized children - and they welcome us to connect with them, remember them, and receive all the medicine they have to offer us. 


All retreats are 7 days/6 nights long and culminate in a Full Moon Ceremony to harness the cosmic medicine Mama Killa will gift us on the retreat. Some of the activities on the retreats include: sunrise cacao ceremonies, hiking pilgrimage to Chinkana ruins, yin yoga sessions, bodywork sessions, guided meditations, tree healing, sunset and stargazing, beach bonfire, and giving back to Pachamama by offering trash/recyclables pick-up


Vegan, vegetarian, and traditional Andean indigenous foods will be provided for meals. 


Retreat capacity is up to 8 participants. Priority will be given to queer, trans, and/or Black/Afro folks of the Andean diaspora.

Sample General Itinerary


  • Folks arrive in La Paz


  • Gather folks, roadtrip to Isla del Sol, rest/downtime, Opening Ceremony, dinner, more rest/downtime


  • Breakfast, Cacao morning meditation, Hiking to Eucalyptus forest, Tree Healing Meditation, rest/downtime, dinner, hike to watch the sunset and stargaze


  • Cacao Khantati (sunrise) Ceremony, Pilgrimage to Chinkana Ruins, rest/downtime, dinner, community building


  • Sleep in, breakfast, Self-guided meditative day to go inwards and integrate, Bodyworkers available this day 


  • Sleep in, breakfast, chill/lowkey day go at your own pace, dinner, hike to catch the sunset, beach bonfire full moon ceremony, head back to hostel and sleep 


  • Breakfast, morning group meditation and check in, self-guided day to integrate, also trash/recyclable pick up around the island day, Closing ceremony, last dinner together, stargaze one last time

DAY 7  

  • Breakfast, head back into La Paz, say our goodbyes <3

Khantati Healing Retreats for People of The Andean Diaspora

The very first cohort for Khantati Healing Retreats gathered on Isla del Sol from April 2nd - April 08th, 2023. Participants spanned both east and west coasts of the US and one participant came all the way from Canada. 

Chaski will be hosting two more retreats in 2024 so if you would like to find out more information about those retreats please join their mailing list HERE

This photo was taken at the magical Eucalyptus forest on Isla del Sol after our tree healing guided meditation. 
Group selfie near a delicious restaurant also named Khantati close by to our hostel. 
Our group was invited to participate in a Limpia Ceremony on a different sacred island near Isla del Sol facilitated by the Amauta, Martin. 
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