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In Quechua, Chaski [Chaz-key] means Messenger and K'uychi [Kwee-chee] means Rainbow - I am the messenger of the Rainbow Goddex. My pronouns are She/They. I'm currently based on the land of my ancestors, Tawantinsuyu, also known as modern day Bolivia.  

I was born and raised in Virginia, USA. I left VA to the west coast for college and completed my B.A. in Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity at Stanford University. I completed my M.A. in Bilingual Elementary Education at the Stanford Teacher Education Program. I was a K-3 classroom teacher for about 6 years - teaching both in California as well as Virginia. 

When I was in the classroom I experienced many physical and spiritual ailments that were indicators I was not in alignment with my soul's purpose. In June of 2020 I left the classroom and searched for other jobs or sectors but nothing came through or felt aligned with what I was meant to do and offer the world. In August 2020 I had a spiritual awakening catalyzed by my grandfather's passing and I felt him communicate with me from the spirit realm. He and my other ancestors affirmed my decision to leave traditional jobs and to embark on my personal healing journey which would then support me in my spirit-preneurial journey.

In 2020 my ancestors and Great Spirit fiercely called me into my purpose and initiated me onto a shamanic healing path. For the past 3 years I’ve been living on my ancestral lands in Bolivia deep diving into my healing, learning, developing, and honing my psychic intuitive gifts. I’m a Spiritual Guide & Companion, a Shamanic Healing Practitioner, an Intuitive Astrologer, a Clear Channel, and a Spirit-Led Dancer & Singer. I have been healing and training under the guidance of my mentor, Jai Medina, a Two-Spirit Shamanic Healer of The Balanzu Way, as well as with my Abuela Carmiña of our Tribu Jeyajé Arcoiris Cochabamba.


K’uychi Healing’s vision upholds a world where awakening souls can unearth their authentic spiritual expression that is also rooted in their indigenous ancestral spiritual traditions.


K’uychi Healing’s mission is to offer spiritual guidance and companionship for souls going through spiritual awakenings, ascension, death/end of life, grief, discovering and fulfilling their soul purpose, and indigenous [re]connection journeys.


K’uychi Healing also addresses its larger mission by hosting 1 to 2 small-group retreats each year known as the Khantati Healing Retreats for People of the Andean Diaspora. Khantati Healing Retreats’s mission is to provide an opportunity for people of the Andean diaspora to travel to their homeland to experience an authentic, spiritual [re]connection to their culture, to commune in sacred ceremony with the land and each other, and to support folks in their spiritual decolonization, healing, and self-identity process.


I'm here to hold space for any soul who has a deep desire to dive into their healing journey, anyone who needs to be witnessed as they hold, tend to, and nurture their own wounds, and any soul who resonates with the medicine I have to offer. 

I support souls on a journey discovering and fulfilling their Purpose; souls seeking authentic, deep, and spiritual [re]connection to and with their homeland & indigenous roots; and any grieving souls or souls at the end of their life desiring deep, soulful and spiritual connection and self-reflection. I hold space for folks who need support exploring, feeling, releasing, and/or processing difficult emotions such as grief, sorrow, pain, shame, guilt, anger, rage, and more.

I'm also here to hold space for QTBIPOC educators needing to feel heard, seen, affirmed, valued and who need a space to process and heal from institutional harm. As well as ALL educators needing a safe space to process, unlearn, and heal from their internalized racism/anti-Blackness/ patriarchy/etc - those who seek authentic accountability and desire to mold their pedagogy into a more spirit-centered, abolitionist pedagogy. 

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