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Discover Your Path with a Channeled Message from Your Spirit Team

Have you felt a yearning within you, a whisper of something more? Do you wonder what unique gifts you possess and how you can make a lasting impact on the world?

In this transformative 90-minute session, I act as a bridge, connecting you with the wisdom of your Spirit Team. Through the lens of your birth chart, I channel insights and guidance designed to awaken you to your soul's true purpose.


Uncover Answers to Your Deepest Questions:

  • Why are you here? What is your core mission in this lifetime?

  • Who are you meant to become? What is your highest potential?

  • What are your gifts, skills, and talents? How can you use them to serve the world?

  • Who are you here to serve? Who is your soul here to help?

  • Where are you meant to go? (Explore potential locations through Astrocartography)

  • What energy blocks or limiting beliefs hold you back?

  • How can you approach your healing journey? Discover what supports you most.

  • What specific tools or remedies can empower your path?


By the end of this transmission, you'll receive:

  • A channeled message from your Spirit Team delivered through your birth chart

  • Greater clarity on your soul purpose and life direction

  • Identification of your unique gifts and talents

  • Strategies to overcome limiting beliefs and energy blocks

  • An initial roadmap to guide you on your path!


Ready to awaken your soul's purpose?

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"Chaski is a gifted healer, intuitive and way-shower. They read my birthchart and quickly zeroed in on the messages and guidance I needed to hear. I’ve had readings before where you get somewhat cookie-cutter descriptions of the signs but Chaski took my ascendant Libra and without meeting or knowing me prior, interpreted it in a way that was Queer and so unique and drew out inner desires and messages from spirit that I had not discussed with anyone before. They are the real deal! They are also hilarious, raw and keep it real which is so refreshing. I am so grateful and will be referring all my friends to them!"

Grant James, TX

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