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Hi, I'm Chaski K'uychi [Chaz-key Kwee-chee] !

I’m a Two-Spirit Medicine Being of the Andean Diaspora and my pronouns are she/they. I am a Spiritual Guide & Companion for souls on a journey to fulfill their Purpose; souls seeking authentic, deep, and spiritual [re]connection to & with their homeland & indigenous roots; and any grieving souls or souls at the end of their life desiring deep, soulful, spiritual connection & self-reflection.


June Solstice Pilgrimage - June 15-24th, 2024

Awaken to Your Fullest Light and Infuse your Vision with the Energetic Upgrades of these ancient lands with a Shamanic Voyage to Bolivia

Single-Session Astrology Offerings

¡Se ofrece éste servicio en español también!


60 min sessions are ideal for folks who prefer to just receive a single reading 


90 min sessions are ideal for folks who would like more time to process and discuss the reading together or if you’d like to have a combination of 2 different readings


I offer channeled astrology readings where we dive into your birth chart. We can tackle it from any or all of the following angles: love, sex, relationships, money, career, soul purpose, healing inner child wounds, etc.



We pull up both your birth chart AND your partner’s birth chart to see what astrological patterns there are in your dynamic. This can be helpful to learn about your own relationship patterns and to help you understand yourself, your partner, and the dynamic between the two of you. This can also be applied to a reading between you and your parent(s), child(ren), friends and other family members if you’d like support in understanding how to heal and bring harmony to these relationships.



We pull up a map with your birth chart superimposed on it and we take a look at what parts of the world you may feel called to explore and how the energetics of those geographical locations may influence your time or experiences there. 



If you are in your first or second (or even 3rd!) Saturn Return aka folks around the age of 28, 56, or 84ish and would like some guidance on what lessons, healings, or big life pivots and changes you might encounter then this offering is for YOU! I will pull up your birth chart and get a sense of your general energy blueprint and then channel any guidance that comes through for your Saturn Return Journey.


"Chaski is a gifted healer, intuitive and way-shower. They read my birthchart and quickly zeroed in on the messages and guidance I needed to hear. I’ve had readings before where you get somewhat cookie-cutter descriptions of the signs but Chaski took my ascendant Libra and without meeting or knowing me prior, interpreted it in a way that was Queer and so unique and drew out inner desires and messages from spirit that I had not discussed with anyone before. They are the real deal! They are also hilarious, raw and keep it real which is so refreshing. I am so grateful and will be referring all my friends to them!"

Grant James, TX


This offering requests a minimum commitment of either 3, 6, or 9 months where I hold sacred space for you every two weeks for one-hour healing sessions.


I offer sacred 1-on-1 healing containers where I tune into what your heart and soul needs in your current season of life and may be guided by your Spirit Guides to offer any of the following: channeled guidance and messages, energy cleansing & healing, shamanic techniques to facilitate a healing catharsis, an astrology or tarot reading, healing activations, and guided somatic and spiritual practices you can integrate into your daily rituals.


3-MONTH COMPANIONSHIP            $300/month

6-MONTH COMPANIONSHIP            $250/month

9-MONTH COMPANIONSHIP.           $222/month


"When I first learned about Chaski's services, I was intrigued. I was in the midst of a transition period and knew that in these sorts of life moments, guidance has always been essential. I read about the inaugural Khantanti retreat and while my heart sang to be there, I knew there was a lot of work to do before I could feel 100% secure in my return to Bolivia primarily because of the trauma I had experienced there upon my last visit many years ago. As I read more about Chaski and their approach, I started to believe that their care, support and guidance was precisely what I needed to mend the broken connections between myself and the homeland. To begin, I booked an initial Birth Chart reading. I found the experience to be full of meaningful connections and new insights. Chaski's effervescent and sage interpretations and follow-up questions struck a deep chord within me and I knew that they were the right healer to begin the work of repairing my connection to my ancestral homeland."


~Part 1~


"I participated in a Death, Loss, & Grief Support session with Chaski. I had been going through personal changes and had also gone through the loss of a family member. Chaski helped me honor my emotions by reminding my analytical Aquarius self that I don’t have to always know the exact reason for my tears or pain. They also helped me feel more grounded and clear my energy with a guided meditation. I think about their teachings every time I want to stop or question my emotions too much. I recommend this offering to anyone going through the cycle of change and transformation and to anyone going through a loss."

Azul Daritza, CA

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